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Reach Your True Athletic Potential And Recover Like The Pro's

Bounce back from injury , soothe aches & pains and get the most from your sports & exercise through expert sports therapy, gudiance & coaching
image of female powerlifter setting up to squat at competition in Glasgow
Most positive experience I have ever had with sports massage.Ross really listened to what i felt was wrong/sore and did work based off of that”
Ipf coach & lifter
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Euan a powerlifter and outlaw athlete therapy's sponsored athlete for injury prevention and sports recovery
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Outlaw, is not just a an injury clinic but a place to feel supported along your own journeys and to learn about recovery, your body and investing in your wellness for your own successes and happiness
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What about us

Sport Recovery Space Created With Fitness Lovers & Athletes In Mind

What services we provide

Skilled Sports Injury Care , Performance & Recovery Treatments

Smash your goals, rise above limitations and feel brand new through a belnd of expert sports therapies, treatments & coaching
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Sports Massage

Soothe muscle aches and discomfort with a precision sports massage to find relief
image of a sports therapist performing checks on injured female masters powerlifter bicep

Injury Assessment

Identify and address an injury early or get help witha persistent pain with skilled assessment
image of outlaw athlete therapy sports therapist taking client through gym based rehab for rebuilding strength

Gym Based Rehab

Rebuild your strength & fitness after an injury or surgery through personalised exercise therapy
photo of local athlete at sports injury clinic getting monthly bodywork from sports therapist

Monthly Muscle MoT

Reboot & keep both your body and mind primed for sports, training & life with our monthly muscle MoT

Easy Steps To Book In


Book & Confirm

Once you've booked your appointment, we'll send you a confirmation email. This lets you know that everything is set and ready for your visit.

Forms & What To Wear

As a first-time visitor, we'll need you to fill out a consent form and your information before your treatment. This helps us understand your needs and goals better. Also, please wear comfortable gym clothes like shorts and a vest top for your visit. This way, Ross, can examine you thoroughly and target the right areas during your treatment.

When You Arrive

When you arrive drive over to the second carpark at the East Kilbride Business Centre. Once you've parked, head to the main entrance. You'll find a waiting area where Ross or Paula will meet you and take you to the clinic. During your appointment, Ross will chat with you about your issue, observe and assess your condition. And don't worry, if you have any questions or injury-related videos, bring them along. We'll discuss them together.

Extras for your Comfort

After your treatment, we'll offer you water and a snack incase your feeling dizzy or fancy a wee treat. Ross will follow up with you the next day to check in and see how you are getting on. He will also send you any treatment plans or exercise prescriptions within 48 hours if they were discussed during your appointment.

Begin your journey to recovery and better sports performance by booking a free video
chat with Ross, our sports therapist. Get personalised advice and guidance from the comfort of your own home.
image of east kilbride sports therapist in his injury clinic with a happy client after sports massage


Our Customer’s Words

image of letter E from sports injury assessment client who left a review for outlaw athlete therapy
He was very understanding and informative about the processes he wanted to do and talked me through everything, after a few sessions we talked through other routes I might need to take to get better and I appreciated this most a
Sports Injury Client
avatar of sports injury assessment client Jo from google review
I want to give Ross a huge thank you for helping with some lower body pain. He gave me a great check & sports massage which has released so many knots in my legs.
Initial Assessment Client
image from Google review client about cycling related sports injury attended outlaw for injury care
Ross treated cycle related shoulder and neck pain and I feel much better. Think I will return for general maintenance. Pleasant manner and really friendly. No hesitation in recommending to others.
Sports Injury Patient

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